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Frame-inflatable kayak Stream 360
Мы с женой полюбили походы на байдарках, ходили много лет в группах на каркасных байдарках, и в 2018 году решили приобрести свои собственные для самостоятельных  Read the full review
Rod Holder for Inflatable Boat

Rod Holder for Inflatable Boat

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Rod holder for an inflatable boat with a clamp for attachment to the transom or frame. The holder is made of durable plastic (for lighter weight) with metal assemblies for mounting on board. It has adjustment in the direction and angle of the rod.

Rod Holder for Inflatable Boat

The holder will significantly increase the comfort and convenience of fishing. You can buy a rod holder for a boat in the online store by leaving an order in the basket, or by contacting contact numbers with our managers.

General Description

Accessories for alloy catamarans TRAVEL, TRAVEL MAX, inflatable boats FISHER, SEAFISHER, frame and inflatable kayaks STREAM, SPORT from the company of manufacturer BOATHOUSE - awning sun aerodynamic, echo sounder, anchorage, anchor, anchor, anchor floor, reinforced transom, additional protection of the lower part of cylinders and much more.


Rod Holder for Inflatable Boat
Product Code: Крепление удилища простое на транец


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