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Frame-inflatable kayak Stream 360
Мы с женой полюбили походы на байдарках, ходили много лет в группах на каркасных байдарках, и в 2018 году решили приобрести свои собственные для самостоятельных  Read the full review



I want to share my impressions of our first navigation on our new transom boat-catamaran Sport 625A. Went through the Donets in spills. Have changed the skeleton kayak on this liner. We now have two children, and in the carcass - in any way. And the requirements for safety and comfort are already different. Have settled like this: I'm in the stern, my wife is in the middle, and the children have a huge cockpit, 190cm long, on the sides of which 6 hermetic bags are located! A super arena was formed. They played there and even slept. For a week of hiking, everything was fit, they even took toys and a baby pot!
     By controllability, we had no illusions: you can go on the oars only with the flow. Against the wind, you have to strain. The width of the kayak 115 cm still allows you to row with a paddle 240 cm. You sit high, comfortable chairs, very comfortable. Like in a jeep!
     But we bought a motor! As we were advised - Suzuki 2.5 hp. At idle speed motor, like me alone on the oar. A little above the idle speed - a wonderful speed - like the two of us on the carcass maker. I did not think that we would like it so much.
     Everyone liked the trip and kayak. Absolutely different feelings when you know that the boat will not turn over, that you can go to any places, stop - wherever you want, and drive away with a breeze. Strongly did not drive - the motor on the run-in, but it was enough with the head. Somewhere, half the way was on the oars, half on the motor. Spent for a week - 10 liters of gasoline. Wow!
     Thank you, first of all, for the advice, and for the boat, of course!
The Goncharov family.


Good afternoon, Bothouse. I bought a boat from you and promised a tip. I fulfill the promise.))) I chose this model for several reasons: you mentioned the light weight, interesting design and fast assembly. At me it already probably the tenth boat, and here that I can tell to you. Beaver really was an interesting boat. It is much lighter than keels, and is collected elementary and fast. Very good solution to the front locker with a hard bottom. On the speed and controllability - very sporting habits (on the motor of 15 horses), the speed is very impressive. Probably, for all these indicators, Beaver will be the best.
     Now, that did not like. Decking the book a little flexes the mod with my weight (105kg), if I stand in the middle. I understand that for a light weight the boat has to give up a little. And yet - low-ridden oarlocks. Again - for me. I suspect that for standard people 70-80kg is just right. I'll make the extensions on the oarlocks 5cm and on the bench you have a plastic swivel chair - that's what you need. Even in Beaver's good width, both sides work just right (do not reach for the fishing rods). Also I think to buy for Beaver pyaterochku. I took such a motor from a friend, it draws me to the glide easily. It's impressive.
No need to pull a spot. And about the size, I also guessed. Fishing is still alone, and the weight and assembly are not strained. But a lot of space, and I can take my wife with me sometimes.
     In general, I'm happy. I wish you further development and interesting boats!


I promised to write to you my impressions of the catamaran Sea fisher 610, bought from you last year. In a nutshell - everything is super. Large, roomy, safe to indecency and surprisingly easy move. How do you do it - I do not know. On the six of the three of us - under the twenties! If the algae were not wound on the screw, you can climb to such places ... All things are easily placed in the front trunk. Cool. And the assembly pleased. When we leave with friends, and they have a keel 360, so we are already on the water, and they are still puffing))).
Disadvantages, honestly, I do not see. At first it seemed that it was not a deep cockpit, but quickly got used to it, there was no swinging. Sitting on a swivel armchair is a little low, but quite comfortable. Shine at all super - at least sitting, though standing ... Ah! Here, one drawback: on idle for trolling high speed, so just drop the oars into the water, then - well.
That's all. Very much everyone is happy with a catamaran. 10 times better than a boat. You fellows!
Stas, Margot and others)))


Already at the end of the season I bought SUP-KAT from you, but I managed to roll it out a little. Standing of course you can learn to swim on it, but you need a special paddle. But I do not understand why, if sitting very comfortable to row an ordinary canoe. I bought it for fishing. Immediately I say - a thing! The fact that light and instant assembly is one thing, but the fact that I get through to such places - not on any boat there. I thought I'd punch the cylinders. But thank God ... Then when I went into place, I calmly become and throw where necessary. It's great. I tried and on the electromotor - a chic speed and with a kayak on stability can not be compared. But for the smooth and thickets the motor is useless, but on the oar is just fine. And the glasses for the rods have where to fix. Very satisfied. Thank you. That's what I wanted.


Good afternoon, Boathouse! As promised, a few words about your, or rather, our transporter kaydarokke Sport 560. Otkatali on her season - no problems. For a year 37 days spent on the water! Absolute our record!
I'll tell you how to optimally place it in it. In my cockpit is the motor on the transom and I with my son (7 years), and in the front - my wife with my daughter (4 years) and toys. Places enough. Very comfortable inflatable seats with backrests. And the children are sitting on a parolonchik - so lower and they are more comfortable.
If we ride for one day, all things and thermosocks are placed in front of the locker. Against the current go on the motor (Suzuki 2.5 hp), and back on the oars. What's on the motor, what's on the oars, the speed is excellent. We bathe often directly from the kayak - it does not really turn over. And spinning is excellent.
2 times went to weekends. On the board, as you advised, placed 4 large herms. Everything crawled. They even took what was not very necessary, with a margin.
Interestingly, several times saw fish inspection or inspection, thought they would get stuck for registration. But we did not interest them with our "hole". Kayak still!
On the Dnieper in a wave of up to 50 cm came out without problems, nothing flooded. At first they were afraid, it turned out - in vain.
Of the shortcomings, even though you asked, I can not say anything. All is well, even excellent! Well done!
Family Belyaev.


     We would like to thank the company Boathouse. Bought from your catamaran Seafisher 800 all the summer long lived on the water on the Dnieper. Almost every week for the weekend we had a family vacation on it. Motor 6 hp it was really enough, although there were big doubts. The speed of 15 kilometers per hour and quite enough power to go even with a tent against a strong wind. In a tent, the threesome with the child is very cool to sleep, both dry and warm. But between the balloon and the flooring we still laid a slit with a plaid. A strong wind does not blow down any tent, nor an awning, nor a boat from a course. Good. Comfortable armchairs and table. In general, almost all is well. I pump up a little by the compressor every 3 weeks. But the most funny for me (although I'm not miser), for two days we have 10 liters of gasoline. And we ride very intensely. Before that, I had a cabin boat with a motor of 150 forces, so almost a barrel of fuel left the weekend.

I can say that the pleasure from the catamaran is not less than from the boat. More relaxation, what-if ... And the price and the expense - 20 times more profitable. I recommend to all. A winter storage boats ... and the catamaran in the autumn washed, collected and all. For a season there was not a single puncture.

There is one drawback: if the tents in the parking lot is not folded, then puddles are collected from the rain in the middle. Once the tent fell on its side - it was then necessary to repair. When we are in the boat, the water from the traffic goes to the sides, but when the boat is on the quay ... It is necessary to put the valve in the middle, as in the bottom, and the pipe over the side. In the rest everything was fine. Thank you.

Family Dmitrenko.


For a long time I want to share my impressions and experience in operating the catamaran Fisher 380. I must say that I have a big boat experience - flat bottom and keel inflatable and aluminum boats. The overall mark to my Fischer is 5. Let me explain why. Fast and elementary assembly. But the basic air needs to be pumped from the cigarette lighter, and be sure to pump up completely to the end! - Engine with 5 horsepowers is quite enough. The maximum speed for two - more than 20 km/h. But most important is a great speed at low and medium speeds - without any transients. Designated for two is what you need, but if I travel alone, I can easily manage it itself. With this catamaran I can climb in the bushes and low river banks and islands that are overgrown with reeds and bushes. He has an excellent passability. Climbing into the boat out of the water over the side there is an easy and safe thing. Stability is excellent. And another plus - the front locker. It is really great, and really waterproof. If the things in it and the central portion is convex, then rain does not fall inside.

Here are 6 real advantages compared to my previous boats.

As for the drawbacks, perhaps there is one. When the swivel chairs stand, rowing is impossible. It is necessary to remove the seat and put the inflatable chair to this place. Inflatable seats for fishing are not very convenient. For relaxation, they fit well, but swivel chairs suit best for fishing. How to solve this problem? I do not know.

This is just one drawback. Therefore, the total score is 6-1 = 5.

I am very satisfied, and still do not understand why one can see the Boathouse catamarans so rarely. So I decided to share my experience so that  people ceased to be so conservative.

Good luck to you. You have great boats!



I would like to say a few words about our acquisition - catamaran C Fisher 550. It was bought in April this year and our family spent all the free time on the water from this time. The son, who had previously treated fishing with indifference, got really addicted to this entertaining work. And it's all thanks to this boat. We are very satisfied. Motor with five horsepowers is enough. Places in the boat for three – is really what you need. With regard to safety and moving - solid five. We really like a huge locker and flat deck. But although the assembly takes a maximum of 15 minutes, we are thinking about buying a gun carriage. And it's not because it goes down on the water hard. It's easy - I'm holding two handles in front, and my wife and son are holding the handles at the rear. To be honest, it's just already too lazy to assemble and disassemble, and the boat, probably, will last longer. Then we permanently establish the sounder and tent on my cockpit. There are no claims on the boat at all. We recommend it to everyone, and all my friends are envious of us.

Thank you.

Vladislav and his family.



Good day. My husband and I have two years rafting on the Stream 425 This is kayak catamaran type. All doubts about the purchase, which were at the beginning, are in the past now. I have to say - we are very happy with this kayak. This is our first own kayak. Until that time, we went on tour in the rolling frame several times. It is simply incomparable. Safety and comfort, and the opportunities that we now have with the Stream can not be compared with the "carcass" discomfort. We have been on the Vorskla, on the Donets, on Pslu, and even on the Dnieper! All things are in their places, sitting is very comfortable, we pass everywhere without fear of capsizing or sinking. We swim directly from kayaking on the big water very often, because the speed and handling are excellent. We even manage to sleep during the day on the water in the shade of trees, lounging in a chair with a headrest! We are having a wonderful vacation. Among the shortcomings I can specify just one. It is needed to come up with a more rigid structure side luggage space somehow. The rest - everything is fine. Thank you. Ksenia and Oleg.



Hello Boathouse Company! I’m very glad I bought a catamaran Sea Fisher 410. The boat is ideal for our purposes - fishing together, and riding with the whole family. Motor-five horsepower is really quite enough. I like the excellent stability, the ability to climb the overgrown places, cool storage compartments and non-slippery floor, which is flat. Yes, the boat goes very well at the oars, quickly and obediently. When I saw your video - how to transport a boat on a normal trailer -I put it on the trailer. Although the assembly does take about 15 minutes, and it is even easier - I unbuckled three lines - and it is already on the water. In all other respects - quality, pressure is held. The design is super. Still we have not found any flaws. But the construction itself is ingeniously simple. It is surprising that no one has thought of this before. Overall mark - 5.

Vladimir. Zaporozhye.



COMMENT ON TRAVEL 730 WITH side platforms.

We traveled on the River Seim from Baturin to Putivl and back in two weeks. In fact, it was not so much a journey as a vacation, but a life on the water. As the main catamaran boat Travel 730. was taken On both sides were side platforms on which tents were installed. As the power unit - was Suzuki 6 hp Additional equipment. This plastic swiveling captain's chair. The central cockpit was 4 orbital chairs and a plastic table with four cupholders, a huge tent, two additional lockers on the side platforms, anchor, duck, rod holder and additional protection cylinders.

The total load (two adults and two children, gasoline, water, food and things) was about 600 kg. Upstream moving at medium speed of the motor at a speed of 7-8 km per hour (the most comfortable speed for travel), downstream - at the same speed, but at idle the engine. Maximum speed against the current - 12 km per hour, the speed of the river - 15 kilometers per hour. Running hours per day was not enough - 3 hours average. This is due to the good weather and lots of great places. Thus, during two weeks only 28 liters of gasoline were spent. The overall experience is great. These are impressions from the river and from the boat and from nature. More comfortable inflatable boats have certainly not been invented. Thanks to my two "small pests" and three severe thunderstorms, the whole design has come full crash test. Everyone survived, haven’t broken anything. Hooray! The whole construction with a motor, gasoline and water is placed in a conventional trailer. At one assembly, I spent 3 hours and removing - also for 3 hours. All the rest of the time - 14 days - we were not dependent on the coast completely. We stayed in the shade under the high bank on the day. Children need to sleep, and we relax and go fishing. And at night we chose the rocks and sandy beaches, deserted, of course. On the river a lot of places that can be accessed only from the water. Average cockpit was a real mess now. Tent was on top, side tent, the captain's cockpit behind, and in front - sandek (sun deck). The layout of the four chairs and a turntable - ideal. Especially surprised table with four cupholders - very convenient and reliable. Despite its size (730sm 450 cm), our Boathouse held everywhere: between the snag and in shallow water. Precipitate was measured - 15 centimeters at boot 600 kg. Handling is excellent - as usual catamaran Boathouse. Motor power is enough to head even against the current and very strong head wind speed was 9 - 10 kilometers per hour. Exchange rate stability is also good. Economy - is a separate issue. Vacationing this way - much cheaper than just live everyday life. Fuel costs and minimal food. And no of utility bills! The only thing that I would consider for myself, it has established a motor with a remote control. Also, I would put a steering column in the front cockpit. Then controlling this ship would be a lot of fun. But this is only for the captain and the rest of the passengers so – just excellent.  Igor Bobrov, Kharkiv.



We are from Kharkov, My name is Vlad, my wife - Vicktoria and two imps - Zhenya and Romka. We fall in love with boating, walking as well as all taimen, then at the Neris. But as you get older, the more you want something larger and more comfortable. In the Neris we were placed with great difficulty. On the recommendation of friends we have chosen this model of sport, because children are safe in the middle of a kayak. All things to come there and Vic, and I, as usual, Captain. First impressions after the first campaign: Sport 685 - not quite kayak, though familiar to the oars. Firstly, sitting high on a very cool and row Seats comfortable. Secondly, we swam with the boat directly on shoals, rather than looking for special places. Stability is such that to turn it at all unrealistic. Third, exchange rate stability is just amazing. And as no surprise, but my wife is quite cope with turns at the oars. Fourth, with regard to security, there is nothing to even compare with the kayaks. You stop paying attention to what's out there in the water. But this sport is inferior to usual kayaks in one. This speed. On a good flow it is almost not noticeable, but when the river is calm, but also a headwind - then it is very noticeable. But! we also have a motor - bought at a good price Suzuki four-stroke 2.5 liter. I never thought that we so enjoyed the trip on the motor. The speed is incredible! Therefore, when there is flow - we are at the oars, when there is no flow - on the little engine. A week spent as much as 5 liters of gasoline, and passed as a whole as much as before on the Neris. Only more rest, more than swimming, less strained because of the children, and in general - enjoy life more. But children generally ecstatic.

We are very pleased and recommend to all canoeists change on sports!



Alexey, Kharkiv. According bought catamaran TRAVEL 450 I can say the following. 1. Marine fully meets my needs - a wide, plenty of space, with a flat deck, perfectly goes under 3.5 horses - very energetic, well passes through the vegetation in the bay, good directional stability, safe and very best behavior on the wave and it is great dive. 2. A bit more in the folded state. The length of the bag has a 160cm. In my hatchback it fits butt, but really build a very fast - about 10-15 minutes. Particularly pleased with the flooring - put per minute. 3. The plastic seat is good, comfortable, and manage and fishing. I especially appreciated the tent, though at first I was skeptical. Also, doubts about the small cockpit, but on the water realized that to no avail - no valkost, as pitching boat and so everything is fine.

Overall, very pleased. I would recommend to everyone. Thank you.



Good afternoon. I want to share my experience of using catamaran travel 580. Bought it for two with the godfather. We are fond of fishing, each year repairing their sizhi and sometimes build the new. In short, sick of this terrible event. Therefore, and we decided to buy two of the catamaran. Everyone is now an office - 2m by 1m, put together a table and chairs use shore fishing with umbrellas. On one side put three rod holder. Also we put two ducks and two anchors - stretching. Sounder bought such that it is necessary to throw. A motor I had. I want to say, though, and read about the performance characteristics of Boathouse on the site, but did not expect such a hurried from such a large platform. The speed of 3.5 kilometers of 15 horses - not less. Generally cool boat - stable, high level and non-slip flooring (most importantly for us), it passes through the bottleneck. And water poured out of the boat itself. In short, we are very satisfied, we can now change the fishing grounds, and most importantly - no problem finding places for fishing on the coast. But I think to purchase a tent on the first branch. It happens that some of us can not get out to go fishing, then you can put up a tent and sleep comfortably at night on the first part. And then the rain is not a problem. I think it is very convenient - beach then do not need. Cool invention. Kharkiv Well done! Ivan and Vasiliy.



I am from Kharkov, my name is Anatoly. I bought you STREAM 360 first tried on 300, but with my height 194cm - too small cockpit. A 360 - at the time, even in the legs and a bag placed. Already three times fishing on the Donets. My impression - super kayak. It's easy to go against the flow and controlled - a pleasure. But it does not pick up within 5 minutes, as has been said, and in 8 minutes. Very roomy and stable. Now there is no grass in the water, but I think the patency of her class. I have no complaints about the lodkeretenzy and to Boathouse - there is a claim. The wife asks the same, only smaller - STREAM 300. So you can go broke. This is a joke. And to be honest, I did not expect to get so much pleasure from waving a paddle. Already I calculated that trunk space is enough for a two-week trip. So wait - come over three hundred, and in the summer with my beloved woman - for two weeks …



I am very happy with my purchase - catamaran Travel 720. I am writing on behalf of myself and my friends - Pasha and his family, who also bought the same, only a dark gray. But they are more cunning. First they rode on my, and then have ordered the same. Two catamarans we made a two-week journey through the gums. Therefore, I can safely say about the merits and demerits of this catamaran from Boathouse. I have to say - a lot more advantages. But let's start from the beginning. Going catamaran is really easy, but in 30 minutes you can assemble a boat without Attachments, which goes back to the 20 minutes the way, I recommend to put the tent at once. If both inputs are open tent, visibility is very good and even allows you to safely travel. In the campaign we did not bother assembly and disassembly, just unfasten the inner tent. But all things are protected from the rain and sun, and with a large awning. In general the whole boat is obtained under the tent. Places to Travel enough for the monthly hike. Spend the night in a boat on the water - the most unforgettable experience. I liked the plastic chairs and inflatable - especially on the beach - complete with sun loungers. Also suitable for trolling rod holder. For two weeks my catch - 9 pike, Pasha had a catch - 7 pike. And this is only the direction of travel. Very convenient - while traveling, while dinner is already caught.

Driving performance can be considered very good. Under the 5-strong little motor at low speeds quietly goes against the flow at a speed of 7-8 km per hour. Well it kept straight, though, the lower the speed the more podrulivany. Concerns about the sail were in vain. Once we experienced a real hurricane. To honor Boathouse - all survived - and the tent and the tent does not get wet. Although the children were screaming with fear and delight. Really liked the efficiency of our boats. Braley for 50l gasoline, and spent 30 and 34l Paul, but he had a motor of 6 horses. In general, the impressions were very good, although not very good weather. Our women and children are unanimously concluded that it was the best holiday of all - swam, sunbathed, fished, bonfires by the water, and in some places to stop - just beautiful! We also agree with Paul. But I, as a pragmatic person, I want to point out a few things. Outdoor locker - not a good thing in the campaign. For fishing - yes, and for the campaign need maximum security. Therefore, in the locker cape should be put on all the 720 th catamarans already in the basic version. Even when there is a plastic chair, rowing oars unrealistic. It is clear that on such a boat rowing is not expected, but, by the way - to no avail. Adrift - very easy to move the oars. So we have repeatedly used it. I had to unscrew the 4 lamb and remove the plastic seat to put the inflatable. Yes, it's a few minutes, but still. But to solve this problem, we did not come up. That's all cons. Tip: The gray fabric is less heated by the sun than green, but it is more easily soiled.

Hide from others on this boat - just will not work. When are these two handsome catamarans - all on the banks are of riveted attention to you. You feel in the spotlight, but this time our women are also very much.

From our entire team - Anton, Paul, Olga, Katya, Denis and Yulia - expressing gratitude to Boathouse. Thank you.



Hello. My name is Gennady, I am from Kharkov. Once familiarized with the products of your company, the choice was unequivocal - the smallest boat Sport 310 requests were my very simple - the boat must be for one person, lightweight, quickly assembled, a good cross by vegetation and easy to move. I'll tell you a compliment of Boathouse - this boat is not equal. It passes easily anywhere, collect it for 5 minutes, and is excellent in the paddle and motor. I put her estimation - five. Feeling super, but in the corners very athletic. In front of the plywood I'll put all the equipment for fishing, and enjoy. When getting to the place - instead of the standard inflatable seat put a chair with a back. Although the boat and narrow, but very stable. He became a real fan of catamarans. All content and quality is high performance. And for the design generally silent - all staring, indifferent no. Thank you for a cool boat.



We bought this year the boat and rode twice already, even overnight. We are eyeing the same boat, but the cylinder diameter at the Sifishera more - and that's the advantage. I have to say - the whole family happy, especially children, are very much in place and flat-slip deck. And in the four tent to sleep a bit crowded, we ordered a side platform. In general, the feeling when you sleep on the water - is something that words can not be conveyed. Motor 6 horses well enough, very briskly, and very cost-effective - for two days - 5 liters of gasoline. Its cockpit equipped for fishing, the middle - we have a common, set in the middle of the table and ate in the middle of the Dnieper, and on the front immediately pumped inflatable floor - great sunbathing or just lying around. I note that the boat, catamaran or rather really very stable on the water - no buildup. Therefore, for the children are calm, the more that double bottom protection. There were concerns about the size, but thankfully were in vain. It is not in the same currently wearing. And so, the boat in three bags, their weight is not heavy, and gather together in less than half an hour. In general, Sifisherom everyone is happy, we can easily recommend. Boathouse - thanks, at least one company does not do all that. Success! Family Didenko from Kiev.



I want to thank your company for a boat Boathouse. Before that I was pitching 330 Souza 15 hp. But fishing is almost always leave together, and the two men in a boat to fish very closely. About the assembly I did not say - terrible. And still not satisfied with the speed limit - or crawling or flying. A C Fischer fully satisfied our expectations. They put him on an easy five, the rate doubled to 20 km per hour, but the main thing - any in this range. Assembling - indeed song - cheers to the manufacturer! A lot of places, completely flat deck and a huge locker. And there are two plus - goes perfectly on a smooth and goes well on a wave. The boat is very satisfied, and the size will not seem like much - just right! Ilia and Denis - Kharkiv.


Enjoyed Burke 220-th full season, everything is good in principle - and the compact, lightweight and comfortable, but the weakest link is the oarlocks, obviously unsuccessfully made. A screw often gets out. I agree, it is removable. But - I still want more reliable oarlocks. Hummingbirds have in-law, for 5 years as a Cruiser Aurora furrows. There is also a minus - wider and thicker than the board of the barque, for a wave is gud but increases weight and size. Recently, godfather gave me a birthday Sport-370, was glad such a gift, because - it is a good kayak on the water, it easy to go on the water, and most importantly - no shakes in different directions. With my girlfriend we enjoyed the tour of the Old Saltovo. In general there is always something to compare. Thank you. We are looking forward to the warming.

23/09/2015 22-31

Hey. My name is Dmitry. The season is over, so I can say a few words about our new kayak Stream 680. My wife and I have long carried away by river rafting - the best kind of holiday. Up Stream - like all floated on the carcass. Familiar advised to pay attention to the company Boathouse and canoes Stream. They have a three-boat and they are very satisfied. First we ride on this boat, really, really liked the boat and the original design, and decided to buy 680 with steering. The choice was based on the fact that soon we will have four, so you need a lot of space and special security requirements. And this summer, floated three times three.

Kayak is very spacious, very comfortable, and security - solid five. His wife and daughter are very happy. We swim directly from kayaks, and we stopped paying attention to snags. Amazingly easy to move with minimum effort, very obedient, well-kept straight, and unaccustomed to the steering wheel with one pedals used in two days. The main thing - do not forget to pick up a pen, when dragged the kayak sideways to the shore. Loading of things here does not involve the usual herms so adapted - in plastic bags. By the way, it is very convenient, it is not necessary to dig, all is in place, protected from the rain and were especially roomy side pockets. Cool, when all things are on two shelves, according to 5.5 m in length! Quietly you can go for a couple of weeks in the autonomous mode, which is expected in the near future. Special deficiencies not found the boat very satisfied. Stream, in our opinion, has many important advantages over conventional kayaks. The one thing he concedes - is the maximum speed. But we will never be exchanged 1 - 2 km speed on safety, comfort and excellent handling. And yet - to open perspective ....

Thank you for a great boat!

09/16/2015 14-54

All summer going and now just bought a kayak Stream 485 (the decisive role played by the 10 percent seasonal discount). Pre took a two-seat boat for a test drive, ride for free - thank you very much for that. Kayak liked - very roomy, compliant, surprisingly smooth running with minimal effort and very safe - we could not turn it. Going rafting in Karelia, so we chose the 485 - more spacious for long hikes. Of all of inflatable, frame and frame-inflatable kayaks chose the Stream, because they are in all major indicators actually outperform the competition. The only thing, what they are inferior to the carcass of the boat - it's speed. And surprisingly, with little effort, speed is more than the Neris, and at maximum effort - less. Probably because of the closely spaced cylinders. But I think we will survive. For us, the main safety, throughput, capacity and comfort. And the price is very nice. Therefore, our choice unambiguous - Stream.

Ukraine, Kharkov, Oleg.