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Frame-inflatable kayak Stream 360
Мы с женой полюбили походы на байдарках, ходили много лет в группах на каркасных байдарках, и в 2018 году решили приобрести свои собственные для самостоятельных  Read the full review

SUP KAT mini catamaran

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     The SUP-KAT-S mini-catamaran is manufactured only from German PVC fabric, with a density of 750. Its length is 300 cm, width is 99 cm, and the diameter of full-diameter hydrodynamic cylinders is 32 cm. . It is installed between the cylinders, front and rear reinforced frame and fixed. In front and behind there are two luggage spaces with rubber retainers. Moreover, the rear baggage compartment has a rigid base. The mini-catamaran already in the basic configuration has 6 handles for carrying, mooring and towing, paddle holders, bottom protection of cylinders and stabilizers of course stability.

SUP KAT mini catamaran, Inflatable Surfboard Sup Board


SUP Inflatable Board Sup Board

     The SUP-KAT-S assembly is elementary and takes several minutes. The load capacity of the mini-catamaran is 210 kg, the weight in the assembled condition is 14 kg, and in the folded state it is placed in a small backpack bag.
      On the SUP-KAT-S you can put an inflatable chair or high chair with a back, several rod holders, an echo sounder, an anchor roller, an anchor, a traction battery and an electric motor. Moreover, you can go to the most inaccessible places and fish.

SUP inflatable board for surfing, rafting, fishing

      Due to its structure and the protection of cylinders, a mini-catamaran can be used anywhere and always. SAP-KAT-S is perfect for fishing even in winter: on thin ice you can stand on a polynya, where fish are best caught, and to fish in complete safety! Also SUP-KAT-S is designed for outdoor activities. It can be controlled SUP-paddle or kayak paddle. By its focus and controllability, it is very close to kayaks. And it can move under the electric motor! The mini-catamaran has a very easy course and a high degree of safety.

     "Having BOTHAUS - you live with pleasure".

General Description

Paddle board, paddleboarding - what is it?

The abbreviation SUP stands for stand up paddle board - stand on the board!) (SUP board). Sap board is mainly used for skating, rafting on calm water, both standing and sitting.

      The idea of creating such a product arose after a detailed study of the design of SUP. This direction, like the active way of life, is gaining momentum throughout the civilized world. But the prices for SUP-boards, in our opinion, to put it mildly, are overstated: they start from $ 750.

So we offer you a national SUP-KAT for only $485!




SUP KAT mini catamaran
Product Code: SUP KAT S
Brand: Boathouse
Size of the rear chest:
Size of the rear chest, l: 70х42
The size of the front chest:
The size of the front chest, cm: 70х70
The size of the hard flooring
The size of the hard flooring, cm 125х63
Габаритные размеры, см:
Размер упаковки, см: 90х35х30
Габаритные размеры 297х99
Диаметр баллонов,см:
Диаметр баллонов 32
Кол-во гермоотсеков, шт:
Кол-во гермоотсеков 2
Плотность ткани ПВХ:
Плотность ткани ПВХ 750
Вес лодки, кг:
Вес упаковки: лодка настилом кресла насос рем.комплект сумка 16
Вес лодки в сборе 14
Грузоподъемность, кг:
Грузоподъемность 210
Пассажиро-вместимость, чел:
Пассажиро-вместимость 1
Осадка при полной нагрузке, см:
Осадка при полной нагрузке 20


SUP-KAT - basic equipment:

1. Body with inflatable balloons and two frames - 1.
2. Hermetic sections - 2.
3. Open areas for things with rubber clips - 2.
4. Hard lightweight flooring book - 1.
5. Clamps of flooring - 3.
6. Protection of cylinders along the entire length - 2.
7. Handles for towing and carrying - 4.
8. Paddleholders - 2.
9. Stability stabilizers - 2.
10. Bag-backpack for the boat - 1.
11. The foot pump on 6л - 1.
12. Repair kit - 1.
13. The package of documents - 1.
14. BOATHOUSE sticker - 1.


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