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Catamaran for alloy TRAVEL 630

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Catamaran for alloy TRAVEL 630
    TRAVEL 630 - fully eight-seat boat with excellent driving characteristics and great features. First of all, Travel 630 is a cruiser: on the front cockpit you can install an inflatable flooring and a large four-seater tent. Moreover, you can choose any of the three options offered. The tent is very securely attached to a catamaran and withstands extreme weather. Sleeping in a boat is not only safe, but also very cozy and warm. A captain's cockpit can be equipped as a wardroom - plastic furniture, awning and various accessories.

    The captain's cockpit is 197 cm long and almost two meters wide. This is more than enough for the comfortable arrangement of four, and even six travelers. For things, there is a luggage compartment 110 cm by 180 cm in front of the catamaran. 10 square meters of used space give many opportunities.

     But this is just one of the options for using this boat. Two large identical cockpits with non-slip smooth surface allow you to make a lot of different options, depending on the intended use of the boat. What is it worth adding one or two side platforms? Get a whole houseboat with two bedrooms - a real BOATHOUSE!

     But no matter how you equip the Trevel 630 catamaran, its excellent running and speed characteristics will not change anyway: at an oar - 6 km per hour, under sails at a wind of 4-5 m per second - 5 knots (9 km per hour), and on the motor 5 hp. - 18 km per hour! 900 kg load capacity, a large living space and economy - allow you to make long trips. A light and fast assembly - no more than 30 minutes - use the boat in any weather every weekend for fishing and recreation. And do not need to look for a place to sleep on the beach!

 "Having BOTHAUS - you live with pleasure".

General Description


  Catamarans TRAVEL - are the biggest inflatable boats manufactured by BOATHOUSE. They are made of five-layered german PVC fabric, marine plywood and aluminum. Very safe and reliable "frame" design, with protection of the balloons over the entire length, indicates  the quality of the catamarans. These boats are great for travel in any water areas: from medium and mountain rivers to large water reservoirs and sea.

TRAVEL catamarans
- are large, comfortable, and safe water "SUVs".

  Thanks to quick and easy assembly, excellent stability and passability, they are perfect for hunting and fishing, diving and multi-day trips. Thanks to very wide cockpit (the width of hard flooring - is 130 cm, and used width of the boat - is 190 cm), diameter of balloons is 55 cm, absolutely flat rigid deck with non-slip covering, self-draining cockpits and a huge locker in the bow of the boat, size of 180 cm x 105 cm. A large load capacity allows us to accommodate the passengers and all their equipment.

  TRAVEL catamarans, despite its size, as well as all Boathouse models, differs excellent hydrodynamics and excellent technical and operational characteristics. Here are the main benefits:

- Easy and quick assembly;
- A large load capacity;
- Rigidity and absolute safety;
- Increased passability;
- Cost-effectiveness;
- Comfort;
- A huge living space;
- The opportunity to live on the water;
- Good controllability and speed;
- Excellent stability, directional stability and germination rate on a wave;
- A huge range of models and additional equipment for fishing, recreation and travel.
  TRAVEL catamarans, even the largest models, are easily moves on the oars. With the low-power, and therefore cost-effective and low-cost engines, these boats are using the whole speed range, reaching 19 kilometers per hour with the engine of 5 hp with one person. Moreover, each additional passenger will reduce the speed by only 1-1.5 km per hour. All TRAVEL-MAX catamarans have four pressurized compartments, self-draining valve in the cockpits, reinforced transom for engine power of up to 10 hp, bottom that does not touch the water surface, tough non-slip deck and protection of the balloons. These things allow you to not pay attention to rocks and driftwood, and turn over, with a width of 240 cm, is impossible.
  TRAVEL catamarans are perfectly fit for relaxation and traveling with your family or company. You can sunbathe and swim, fish and hunt, cook and eat, travel and live on the water. In just a few minutes you can inflate special flooring made off PVC, and put two-layer tent 3 + 1, securely fastened to the boat. If this is not enough, you can add one or two side platforms, turning your catamaran into large comfortable cruiser, which comfortably accomodate 7 adults and 3 children! The total used area of this Boathouse can reach 20 square meters and load capacity - almost 2t! Sleeping on the water in a boat is very comfortable - warm, soft and cozy. And most importantly - entirely safe.

  Due to its rigid construction, catamaran moves on protected from below, hydrodynamic balloons without touching the water surface and with minimal resistance. With 1L of gasoline you can travel more than 20 km.

"Having a BOATHOUSE - means living with pleasure"


Catamaran for alloy TRAVEL 630
Product Code: TRAVEL 630
Brand: Boathouse
Вес настила, кг: 65
Габаритные размеры, см:
Используемая ширина кокпита, см: 190
Размер упаковки, см: 215*50*45
Ширина жесткого настила, см: 130
Габаритные размеры 634*239
Диаметр баллонов,см:
Диаметр баллонов 55
Кол-во гермоотсеков, шт:
Кол-во гермоотсеков 4
Плотность ткани ПВХ:
Плотность ткани ПВХ 900
Вес лодки, кг:
Вес лодки без настила, кг: 86
Вес упаковки: лодка настилом кресла насос рем.комплект сумка 158
Грузоподъемность, кг:
Грузоподъемность 940
Пассажиро-вместимость, чел:
Пассажиро-вместимость 8
Осадка при полной нагрузке, см:
Осадка при полной нагрузке 28
Количество длина кокпитов:
Количество и длина кокпитов 2*197
Макс. мощность двигателя, л.с.:
Макс. мощность двигателя 10
Максимальный запас хода на 1 л бензина, км:
Максимальный запас хода на 1 л бензина 22
Размер багажного отделения, см:
Размер багажного отделения 180*110
Спальных мест, чел.:
Спальных мест 3+1
Толщина усиленного транца, мм:
Толщина усиленного транца, мм: 48
Максимальная скорость, км/ч:
Максимальная скорость на веслах 6
Максимальная скорость с двигателем 2,5 л.с 14
Максимальная скорость с двигателем 6 л.с 19


1. Casing with inflatable balloons, reinforced transom and front frame - 1.

2. Germotooseki - 4.

3. Interceptors - 2.

4. The intermediate frame - 1.

5. The front locker - 1.

6. Aluminum pipe - 1.

7. Pali in aluminum profiles - 6.

8. Total valves - 8.

9. Securing of flooring on cylinders - 12.

10. Fixers of flooring - 4.
11. Privalniy bar - 2.

12. Redan in the bow - 2.

13. Roiling edited with PVC cloth - 2.

14. Stabilizers of exchange rate stability - 2.

15. Closing of cylinders along the entire length - 2.

16. The insurance line - 2.

17. Trays for towing and carrying - 2.

18. Mooring and carrying handles - 2.

19. Vesla with stainless steel oarlocks and paddle holders - 2.
20. Protective PVC cape on the locker - 1.

21. Cover for the boat - 1.

22. Bag for flooring and equipment - 2.

23. The pump is 6 liters - 1.

24. Rem.set.-1.

25. The package of documents - 1.

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