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Inflatable kayak SPORT 310

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Inflatable kayak

SPORT 310 - is a one-man transom kayak, which has the structure of a catamaran. This inflatable kayak has excellent hydrodynamics, which allows you to overclock the boat rowed up to 8 km / h, with the engine of 2.5 hp - 20 km / h. Kayak SPORT 310 has a lightweight rigid flooring, front sealed locker which volume is 100 liters, a soft chair with a backrest, handles for paddles, rail, casting valve, handles for carrying, towing and mooring, spoilers and transom which allows you to install the engine capacity of up to 6 hp. Inflatable kayak SPORT 310 is very light - 19 kg, quickly assembled - 8 - 10 minutes, very maneuverable and economical, it is absolutely safe - 4 pressurized compartments, casting valve, and has an excellent stability, with increased passability. For whom, this boat will suit the most? First of all, for the budget people who prefer the comfort and safety; for people who prefer a healthy lifestyle and appreciate the solitude in nature. SPORT 310 is easy goes rowing against the current, but if you are tired of rowing, or if you met a poor section of the river - a strong headwind or strong current, not interesting landscape or crowded places, - start the engine and go as much as necessary. By the way, Kayak SPORT is super economical: with 1l of gasoline you can travel up to 30-32 km at the speed of 10 - 12 km / h. At this speed, the engine noise is not annoying you, and rowing with this speed - is very tedious. I should add that redans along the entire length of balloons ending with stabilizers of directional stability - are not only a guarantee of excellent directional stability, but also additional protection. If you add four pressurized compartments, bottom that does not touch the water and self-draining valve - you will recieve "water SUV", which easily passes Shiver and shoals, shallows and ponds overgrown place. Kayak SPORT 310 has a catamaran structure - that is, excellent stability and good germination on a wave. Turn it over is almost impossible - so the fishing is quite suitable, especially if you equip the boat with sounder, rod holders and an aerodynamic tent. But the main thing in this transom kayak - are outstanding technical and operational characteristics that make this kayak - the champion of all the inflatable boats!

"Having BOATHOUSE - you live with pleasure".

General Description


 Inflatable kayaks transom type SPORT were designed for fishing and travel, including increased complexity, as well as - for active recreation. When creating this design have been identified and taken into account all the advantages and disadvantages of frame kayaks, inflatables and frame-inflatable kayaks, inflatable boats and catamarans. Because of this, transom kayak SPORT received a catamaran structure with full hydrodynamic balloons, which create the least resistance when driving. In front of the kayak there is waterproof locker volume of 100l. The bottom is located 5 cm above the center of the cylinders and does not touch the water surface, even when fully loaded.

 All SPORT models are equipped with a lightweight hard flooring (allowing, if necessary, stand tall), soft inflatable chairs with backs, casting valves in the cockpits, Jackstays and transom, which allows you to set the engine of 6 hp. Transverse frames are used for rigidity, which are the footrest when rowing. Bottom balloons have an extra protection, redans and stabilisers of course stability. Thus, structurally inflatable boats kayaks SPORT are water "SUVs", and therefore their actual use is very wide: it is small, medium and large rivers, mountain streams, reservoirs and almost impassable, overgrown vegetation places.

 All the advantages of catamaran structure BOATHOUSE models are discussed in detail on the page of the site "ABOUT CATAMARANS" . With specific regard to SPORT models, we list only the undeniable advantages of these models.

     1. Lightweight and easy assembly.

All SPORT models  - are enough light for their size and are very easy to assemble - from 7 minutes (310 Sport) to 20 minutes (750 Sport) by one person.

     2. Safety and passability.

Four pressurized compartments, the protection of the entire lower part, excellent stability and good germination rate on the wave - these are all components of your safety. Although the width of 116 cm, it is imposible to flip the kayak, while in the boat - you need large rapids or big waves. At the same time, the rowing is very convenient due to relatively high landing. Because of its width, a catamaran structure and additional protection, SPORT will pass where conventional boats and kayaks will not - mountain rivers up to 4 categories of complexity, overgrown with water plants places, the shoals and narrow channels in the Meadowlands.

     3. Excellent speed when using light engines and economy.

PVC Inflatable kayaks

SPORT have excellent hydrodynamics. Therefore, the rowing speed reaches from 8 to 14 km per hour, depending on the number of rowers, the speed with the engine of 2.5 hp - 3.5 hp is 17 - 18 kilometers per hour, while with 5-horsepower engine - the speed is 24 km per hour. It uses the full range of speed - there are no transitional driving modes. It should be noted that the speed of the smallest - Sport 310 and the largest - Sport 750 will be the same. The fact that the longer the boat is, the less resistance in water, which in this case is compensated for the weight of the boat. Each member of the boat "slows" it up to 2 - 3 km per hour. Accordingly, the efficiency at the highest level - with one liter of gasoline you can travel almost 30 km! These are the best specifications among all the competitors.

     4. Controllability and comfort.      

All SPORT kayaks are perfectly drive (even very long), have excellent stability and directional stability. It is understood that the length of the boat more than five meters, needs coordinated work of two rowers to rotate or turn sharply. But with the engine - no difference, even more, the longer the boat, the safer turns and more pleasant driving. If you set the engine of 5 - 6 hp, then there is a real sports notes in driving. In sharp bends you need to hold the railing - inflatable kayak is going on exactly chosen trajectory. With a sharp acceleration there is no prowl. All components are stable and predictable, the boat goes exactly where you are pointing it.

 Comfort of the SPORT inflatable transom kayak ensures a smooth rigid flooring, self-draining cockpit, soft chair with a backrest, waterproof front locker, tent, as well as an extensive range of optional equipment, provided for mounting on inflatable kayaks for fishing and recreation.

     5. Excellent price and a wide variety of models.

All SPORT models - have an excellent price. If compare with conventional or frame kayaks, and even more with the other boats - on the final amount of acquisition - boat + motor, then SPORT will be the undisputed leader, as well as on the set of consumer qualities, technical and operational characteristics.

     All SPORT models - are the same. Despite all the variety of models, the difference is in the length and number of cockpits. When choosing a model, you should know exactly for how many people and things you need a boat. If you have difficulties with the choice, or questions, please consult - Boathouse specialists will help you.

     Summing up, it is possible to define an inflatable transom kayak SPORT: This economical lightweight boat with a rigid structure with high safety and maneuverability designed for fishing and hunting, tourism and active recreation, with the possibility of use in different water areas and even seas, having increased comfort and excellent controllability, and have the best technical and operational characteristics of all inflatable boats.

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Inflatable kayak SPORT 310
Product Code: SPORT 310
Used boat width
Used boat width, см 88
Вес настила, кг: 3
Габаритные размеры, см:
Размер упаковки 100х45х35
Длина лодки 308
Ширина лодки 116
Диаметр баллонов,см:
Диаметр баллонов 38
Кол-во гермоотсеков, шт:
Кол-во гермоотсеков 2
Плотность ткани ПВХ:
Плотность ткани ПВХ 750
Вес лодки, кг:
Вес упаковки: лодка настилом кресла насос рем.комплект сумка 21
Вес лодки в сборе 19
Грузоподъемность, кг:
Грузоподъемность 200
Пассажиро-вместимость, чел:
Пассажиро-вместимость 1
Осадка при полной нагрузке, см:
Осадка при полной нагрузке 20
Объем переднего рундука, л:
Объем переднего рундука 100
Количество длина кокпитов:
Количество и длина кокпитов 1х125
Макс. мощность двигателя, л.с.:
Макс. мощность двигателя 6
Толщина транца, мм:
Толщина транца, мм: 24



1. The body with inflatable balloons, transom and front frames

2. Pressurized compartments

3. The spoilers

4. The intermediate frame .

5. Front waterproof locker, volume of 100 l

6. Aluminium pipe

7. Side baggage pockets with eyelets

8. Hard lightweight flooring 'book' form

9. Draining valve

10. Mount of the chairs

11. Flooring clamps

12. Guard rail

13. Redan in the bow

14. Protection of the redan with PVC cloth

15. Stabilizers of directional stability

16. Protecion of the balloons over the entire length

17. Jackstays

18. Handles for towing and transportation

19. Handles for mooring and carrying

20. Handles for oars

21. BOATHOUSE stickers

22. Inflatable chair

23. Inflatable chair for traveling

24. Bag for boat

25. Bag for flooring, chairs and equipment

26. Foot pump, volume of 6L

27. Repair kit

28. Package of documents

Add equipment

Additional equipment with installation:

1. Apron PVC fabric on one cockpit 125 cm

2. Apron PVC fabric on one cockpit 188 cm

3. Pressurized compartments – 12.

hermetic compartment for boat

4. Reinforced transom (max. Capacity of the engine - 15 hp) – 37.

Reinforced transom

5. Side mud flaps for a short cockpit – 46.

Side mud flaps for a short cockpit

6. Side mud flaps for a long cockpit – 55.

Side mud flaps for a long cockpit

7. Mudflaps in the front of the boat – 23.

Mudflaps in the front of the boat

8. Side platform with additional balloon – 530.

Side platform with additional balloon

9. Tent with fixings on the side platform – 205.

Tent with fixings on the side platform

10. Paddle of the kayak INTEX 240cm – 19.

Paddle of the kayak INTEX 240cm

11. Paddle of the kayak TNP 240cm – 60.

Paddle of the kayak TNP 240cm

12. The inflatable chair for traveling – 40.

The inflatable chair for traveling

13. The inflatable seat – 19.

The inflatable seat

14. Aluminum aerodynamic tent 140cm * 100cm – 138.

Aluminum aerodynamic tent 140cm * 100cm

15. Aluminum aerodynamic tent 280sm * 100cm – 175.

Aluminum aerodynamic tent 280sm * 100cm

16. Mount for sonar with rotary mechanism – 41.

Mount for sonar with rotary mechanism

17. Mount for sonar sensor – 14.

Mount for sonar sensor

18. The holder of the rod – 46.

The holder of the rod

19. Waterproof holder for smartphone or browser – 98.

20. Holders for cups – 51.

Holders for cups

21. A set of glasses made of stainless steel (6 pcs) – 34.

A set of glasses made of stainless steel (6 pcs)

22. The aluminum folding ladder for swimming – 135.  

  The aluminum folding ladder for swimming                       

23. The rod holder on the transom – 10.

The rod holder on the transom

24. Plastic mount for rods on transom – 17.

Plastic mount for rods on transom

25. Anchor clip – 10.

Anchor clip

26. Duck mooring plastic for boat – 3.

Duck mooring plastic

27. Side duck-handles – 7.

Side duck-handles

28. Electropomp – 18.


29. Additional protection of the lower part of the cylinders, for 1 m – 6,5.

Additional protection of the lower part of the cylinders

30. PVC fabric density of 900 + 7% to the cost of the boat in the base set.

PVC fabric density of 900 + 7% to the cost of the boat in the base set.

31. Bag-backpack (instead of the standard) – 3.


32. Additional paddles with stainless steel oars and paddle holders – 43.

Additional paddles with stainless steel oars and paddle holders

33. Lifejacket 10kg - 30kg - 18.


34. Lifejacket 30kg - 50kg - 21.


35. Lifejacket 50kg - 70kg - 24.


36. Lifejacket 70kg - 90kg - 27.


37. Lifejacket 90kg - 110kg - 29.


38. Lifejacket  110kg - 150kg - 32.


39. Mushroom anchor 3,8kg - 17.

Anchor mushroom 3,8 kg

40. Mushroom anchor 4,7kg - 18.

Anchor mushroom 4,7 kg

41. Mushroom Anchor 6,2 kg - 20.

Anchor mushroom 6,2 kg

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