BOATHOUSE made additional bulwarks for a number of models of inflatable catamarans intended for use in large water areas - sea, ocean, reservoirs. The bulwarks are made of the same fabric as the catamaran and installed directly on the PVC catamaran (inside the cockpit).  Читать далее
  • 16.09.2019
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   SUP KAT mini catamarans expand the capabilities of the classic SUP. The mini-catamaran SAP is created on hydrodynamic inflatable balloons, 32 cm in diameter, connected by a transom and a frame made of marine plywood and has a very rigid structure. The smooth hard floor of the SUP mini catamaran is also made of marine plywood, so you can row both standing and sitting, installing a fishing chair or an inflatable seat using a canoe paddle.  Читать далее
  • 09.09.2019
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   The unique inflatable pvc catamaran SMART FISHER 440 with pedal drive is designed for outdoor activities - walking, traveling, fishing. The double bike ride is equipped with everything for your comfort and safety - soft swivel seats, a sunshade, comfortable steering, a large waterproof locker, as well as an anchor roller, fishing rod holders, and an echo sounder platform.  Читать далее
  • 30.08.2019
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Inflatable catamaran with Pedal Drive and Bicycle

    BOATHOUSE installed a bicycle drive for a boat and catamaran on a lightweight inflatable PVC catamaran, the SMART FISHER series. The 440th model is a two-seater pvc catamaran, designed for a comfortable walk or fishing together. The catamaran has two separate cockpits, separated by a transverse frame (bulkhead), each of which is equipped with ejection valves through which water entering the catamaran leaves.

   The smooth hard floor is made of marine plywood with a non-slip coating, which ensures safe movement inside the catamaran and fastens comfortable, soft seats for a comfortable sitting during long walks.  Читать далее
  • 05.08.2019
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 By 2019, the company Boathouse made restyling models SUP-KAT. Mini-catamarans were appreciated by consumers. As we expected, they received the greatest popularity in beach rentals and for fishing in floods and other hard-to-reach places.  Читать далее
  • 09.03.2019
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Smart Fisher 380 - double boat for fishing and hunting or walking on the water. Like all floating BOATHOUSE PVC boats have a catamaran structure (the bottom does not touch the water), thanks to this, the Smatra Fisher inflatable boat has excellent controllability, stability, directional stability and a very easy course both at the oars and under the 6 liter motor.
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  • 05.03.2019
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Opened the season on May 1 on a new boat - the catamaran Sea Fisher 550A. Installed on it the engine 9.9 hp. with remote control and a tank, which means - the steering console, echo sounder, rod holder, anchor, anchor roller and captain's chair. It's all in the short captain's cockpit. A large cockpit was equipped as a wardroom: four armchairs and a table. A large awning covers the entire boat. Ahead is a huge secure locker. And, of course, Kiyashko's gun carriage.  Читать далее
  • 09.05.2018
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     С конца июля до начала августа 2017 года прошла навигация по Десне, в результате которой была испытана большая боковая платформа — 210 см на 205 см, прикрепленная к основной лодке Си Фишер 550А слева к переднему кокпиту. Таким образом, дополнительный баллон и баллоны лодки спереди были на одном уровне.

Надувной моторный катамаран

Сплавной катамаран с мотором Си Фишер 550А
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  • 19.08.2017
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SUP is an inflatable surfboard. The company Boathouse has developed for you a new - a board for SUP-surfing. This is a very popular type of recreation in the water. SAP from Bothouse is a design of inflatable cylinders connected by a rigid flooring, on which it is possible to stand - as in classic SUP-surfing, and sit for rest or acquire the necessary skill. Riding a SUP-board certainly requires certain skills that you can get in independence from your age and sex! It's fun for everyone.

SUP - surfing

SUP - new from Boathouse
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  • 24.07.2017
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NEW! Bobrenok single boat from BOATHOUSE company is a prototype of a comfortable, light, small boat for fishing, import of bait for carp fishing. The size in the folded state is only 1m * 30cm. Like all older brothers, Bobrenok has a catamaran structure (catamaran-type boat) and has all their advantages.

Inflatable fishing boat

NEW! Single fishing boat Bobrenok BOATHOUSE


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Inflatable catamarans Travel from the company of the manufacturer of inflatable boats. Bothouse is a great way of inexpensive water recreation and travel. Increased comfort, a large selection of additional equipment and the main thing is complete safety for you and your children - after all, to turn the Catamaran Travel on the water is impossible!  Читать далее
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