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Frame-inflatable kayak Stream 360
Мы с женой полюбили походы на байдарках, ходили много лет в группах на каркасных байдарках, и в 2018 году решили приобрести свои собственные для самостоятельных  Read the full review

Inexpensive vacation - water travel

Who among us does not want to have a rest in the summer? In summer all of us want to go to the nature, to the water. But it becomes less and less a good place to relax on the shores of rivers or water bodies, and those who wishing to relax every year - more and more. Unfortunately, not all of us protects the nature, and therefore the parking space is gradually transformed into trampled, burned bins. Many do not want to relax in such an environment, and many simply boring to stand in one place - so the people go rafting. The most common way - kayaking, and, as a rule, on the frame, the old fashioned way. Some rafts on anything - anything that does not sink. Others - builds cumbersome rafts, they want to live on the water. Only a few can really afford a comfortable holiday on the water, having a size cabin boat - cruisers. But all these methods have their travel disadvantages.Lets look more detail.


   Kayakers. They are many of them, but their numbers would be supplemented by more if the frame kayaks, invented more than a century ago, would have been more comfortable, easier to assemble and more safe. After all, many people who try rafting on kayaks, are not satisfied in the first place the comfort and safety of the boat itself. Really nothing better than frame kayaks can not come up with? You can, and have come up with. For example, kayaks STREAM - it is quick to assemble, comfortable, safe, and not inferior in driving performance to traditional carcass kayaks. But kayakers faced yet another problem - rigid adherence to the shore. Want to swim - look for a place to stay a snack - look for a place to warm up or just for the day - again have to look for a place. Every night you need to look for a suitable place to sleep, to make firewood, split, and then collect the camp, etc. All this is, frankly, annoying, and makes the rest in the monotonous work, with the exception of travel on water. So few people can withstand more than a week of the holiday.


   Spontaneous rafters on anything they want - have the same problem as that of the canoeists, just at a slower rate of movement and lack of enjoyment of boat control. Fans alloy on rafts (with large tents) have decided the main problem - to find a place on the shore for the night. And you imagine how much time and effort is to build a comfortable raft? And still it is necessary to solve the transportation problem, and then the end of the journey. Real enthusiasts.

     Even the happy owners of comfortable plastic or metal cruisers feel not good as it seems. Firstly, to buy such a boat is necessary to find at least 50 - 70 thousand dollars. Secondly, they are tied to the same waters as to transport them to another place quite troublesome and costly. Third, they are faced with problems of storage of boats, especially in winter. Fourth, almost all cruisers are not always pass everywhere you want. And in the fifth, all cruisers quite voracious - so travel is limited to the duration of fuel reserves.

      Company Boathouse solved all these problems and presents you a new, comfortable and safe form of recreation - water travel at minimum cost. Name -TREVEL boats series - speaks for itself - the journey. These boats were designed specifically for the travel, including, at very long distances, and virtually any complexity. Take, for example, the largest and most comfortable - TREVEL 710 T.


    We were planing a trip to Desna in winter. According to Google map you find the starting point of travel - pos.Puhovka under Brovary. There is good launching and recreation center on the beach - where you can leave the car. Boat with enginge 6 hp, gasoline, things, provisions and water - all this stuf fits in the car. I must say that things must be not so much, because we have a boat, a cruiser, so a table, chairs, tent and flooring - everything is there. Of the crew - me, my wife and son. We arrived. Catamaran really assembles in half an hour, half an hour is spent on engine installation, an awning, table, chairs and equipment for fishing. And another 15 minutes - to move all of the car to the boat. Total - more than 1 hour. Then put the car into the parking lot under guard and push off from the shore. Getting first journey upstream. Choose a comfortable speed against the flow - about 10 kilometers per hour. Stock up on two weeks of fuel - about 40 liters. The fact that the river so beautiful, clean and uncrowded places that every half an hour, and even more often, we stop, swim, take pictures and just chill. Therefore, the day accumulates no more than four or five hours of moving. But we dont need to run away. The point is another - to sunbathe, swim, fish, explore the most beautiful places to travel - in a word, to enjoy a life. Dinner is cooked right in the boat on the gas stove - very fast and convenient. We ate under the tent hiding from the sun, sometimes sticks to a deserted island, and sometimes anchor in a picturesque location. At the same time, you can throw the bait. We ate, rested, bought, right from the boat, and again I want to go, look at the beauty of nature. At night you can stick to the shore, you can run aground, you can find an island. We inflate soft flooring and put a tent in the front of the boat. All Around 15 minutes away. If you have decided to spend the night near the coast, good for comfort, light a fire. It sits right on the water near the fire - kicks. But more often, at night we push off from the shore, anchor and spend the night right on the water. This is an even greater thrill. And on the morning dawn, while the better half asleep, it is possible to fish, drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the peace and fishing. Then, the morning toilet, breakfast, restoring order and forward, into the unknown gave!


  And so the days pass, and we are all little and little. From my own experience I can say that two weeks of the holiday - it is a minimum. Generally, the boat allows you to go to the autonomous navigation, and for a month, but in our time, for many it is a luxury. Therefore, having a boat, it is best to rest twice per season for two weeks. A few words about the boat. The larger the boat is equipped with Attachments, so it is more comfortable. Very easy to operate, even a child, safe, passable, spacious, perfectly holds a wave - length is still more than seven meters. And the size of the sense of beauty, passes into any creek, where the depth is more than 20 cm.

     Eight - nine days traveling upriver, and six - seven days back to back. At the same engine speed, the flow rate of 12 - 14 kilometers per hour. But this bystrovato, therefore, reduce the speed to 10 - 12 km per hour. That is amazing, we go to the same places, but if on the other. Another viewing angle allows a new viewing floated beauty. On the Nature can talk for a long time, but what you see from the water, cliffs and beaches are accessible only for "aquatic", untouched by human coast, islands and shoals, bays and whirlpools - it is impossible to describe in words. Just a delight! On this trip two weeks will take 30-35 liters of fuel, 30 kg of food, thousands of snapshots and hundreds of kilometers of pristine beauty. Dismantling your cruiser to the end of the journey takes just as long as the build - up to one and a half hours in the car boot.


   Separately, you must stop at the financial side of the issue. Fully stocked cruiser - 5 hp motor, chairs, table, tent, anchor, equipment for fishing, inflatable flooring, double tent - will cost up to $ 4,000. (Ten times less expensive boats!) Now take that value, divided by two trips a year, and at 10 years of standard use. It turns out that we can relax a family as much as two to three weeks for $ 200! And what is the quality and comfort of rest! And when you consider savings on trips to cafes and restaurants - is one of the most rewarding and recreation for getting us all free.

     Company Boathouse has done everything possible to comfortable, safe and unforgettable experience on the water, it has become accessible to everyone. Only on the territory of Ukraine - thousands of kilometers expanse of water, and there are other countries ... incredible opportunities that previously could only dream become real.

     "Having BOATHOUSE - live with pleasure."