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Frame-inflatable kayak Stream 360
Мы с женой полюбили походы на байдарках, ходили много лет в группах на каркасных байдарках, и в 2018 году решили приобрести свои собственные для самостоятельных  Read the full review

Advantages of BOATHOUSE catamarans

All BOTHAUS models are multifunctional and can be used for fishing and hunting, as well as for traveling and daily rest.

- All boats BOTHAUS differ refined design and the embodiment of advanced technology.

- BOTHAUS catamarans possess excellent hydrodynamics and therefore allow to install the most inexpensive and low-power engines, using their maximum power.

- All boats BOTHAUS are very economical, on one liter of fuel can pass from 20 to 32 km, depending on the model, so the operating costs are minimal.

- Thanks to its structure, the BOTHAUS catamarans use the entire speed range when driving, especially the most comfortable one - from 10 to 20 km per hour, which is impossible for all gliding boats.

- Any model of BOTHAUS is very easy and quick to assemble. Due to its structure, the flooring is located above the middle line of the cylinder, so it is simply embedded in the already assembled boat and fixed with a safety strap. - All models of the BOTHAUS have an absolutely flat rigid deck, on which you can confidently and safely stand in full growth.

- All boats BOTHAUS, thanks to the catamaran structure, have excellent stability, excellent course stability and good germination on the wave.

- All BOTHAUS catamarans have additional protection of cylinders and are designed for heavy operating conditions, including rapids. And thanks to self-drain valves, the inside of the boats is always dry.

- All BOTHAUS models are very safe. Four seals, a high-strength pvc fabric, the use of inflatable armchairs as life-saving appliances and the protection of cylinders along the entire length, are the key to your safety.

- BOTHAUS catamarans can be rightly called water SUVs. A small deposit, protected by the entire length of the cylinders and not touching the bottom of the water, allows you to safely pass shavers and rifts, shallows and overgrown places of water bodies - wherever there is nothing for ordinary boats.

- All BOTHAUS models feature well thought-out ergonomics, special luggage compartments and comfortable soft chairs.

- Thanks to its hydrodynamic contours, all boats of the BOTHAUS are very easy to operate and with minimum effort move on the oars against the current, keeping the course stability.

- A large selection of additional equipment, thoughtful ergonomics and features of the structure - can achieve a very high comfort, which is considered impossible on inflatable boats.

- A huge selection of models and additional equipment allows you to choose a unique, comfortable and safe boat for you and your desires, which will serve you faithfully for many years.